Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Things that are never to early to talk about

Dear Joshua,

I love you and will always support you. There are however a few thing I will NOT that you may or may not chose to do in your life. If you ever chose to do drugs and or become an alcoholic those are thing I will be more disappointed in you for than anything else. I know first hand that living with and Alcoholic is hard, it brings sleepless nights and constant worry. I know your only seven months old but some day your going to read these or be told about them and when you are I want you to be told that and see that you have a family who loves and cares about you who would die for you me being at the top of that list. There are however some family members who will no longer be here unless they chose to change their ways and grow up. I want you to know now that they love you though they have never meant to hurt you or I that in continuing to do the things they do like dirking till they cant walk straight or falling over their own feet , the cat or the dog. They chose those things and in doing so chose not to be a part of our lives. I am you mother and in that Job comes the responsibility to know who is good for you and who is not. So when you are told I chose to no long have these people in our lives I want you to know that it was a decision I made with great pain to my self and with loving and caring for you.

Love ,

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