Friday, July 25, 2008

So You May Have Missed A Few Things

Ok so a few new things I may have or not have told you... We now have six teeth! witch are all SHARPE! We have a big boy car seat which he loves because now Momma can turn around and see him or makes faces at him in the mirror. Still has a Chuppa and still sleeps like his Momma, But look what he can do now and were so proud! He now feeds him self! Whoot another mile stone down.


So Dose Every One Remember Milo?(see older post) Well as you can see she is alive and well her new name is Katamia at least for the time being this little girl has been a total doll and a joy to have around even with the late night feedings but I am happy to say she well be going to a new home tomorrow to a family who will spoil and love just like we have. I'm really happy and sad to see her go all at the same time.

Another bad news post

As many times before we have posted for Leah to night we post for our other drear friend Mish and hope to remind her to stay strong and keeping hanging on. Because were here for you.

Monday, July 7, 2008