Monday, March 10, 2008

Five Months Tomorrow


Tomorrow you will be five months old! Wow. Time sure flies when you you have a little one to case after. Your not yet crawling or even rolling over but you sure are a demanding little one. I'm not to heart broken about you not being mobile yet really I like that you still want to cuddle and just sit with me. I know soon enough you'll be to fast to catch and I'll want nothing more than to drop and few bricks in your diaper or velcro which ever works best. You can already do so much and you amaze me every day with how much you have grown. You are now 15 pounds 5 ounces and 25 inches long. You love to bite everything though you have no teeth and you love the sound of your own voice not to mention mine. You learned to day that you have toes and then looked at me like why do I have fingers on my feet if I can't get them in my mouth!? I can't wait till your talking and although you have said momma a few times the one thing I can't wait to hear you say is I love you Momma, Because I love you and I love being you Momma. Here's to getting bigger and learning something new every day. I love you my little one.


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Tommy said...

Happy Number 5 Joshua.
Great blog Erin, love the pictures!